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Siren Control Box

In-Car Digital Video Recorder

Standard Equipment – includes VoiceLink Plus® (VLP), 900MHz digital spread spectrum wireless microphone, high performance Nite-Watch™ camera with 144x zoom and enhanced near dark viewing capabilities and a universal monitor console that can be mounted in overhead or freestanding position

Recording Capabilities – records 2 cameras and 3 audio sources concurrently

Pre-Event Recording – captures up to 60 seconds of video prior to RECORD mode activation

GPS Module Included – allows for searchability by location; sets system clock and synchronizes all department vehicles to actual/real-time

TRACE Feature – enables fast and accurate tracking of location(s) for evidence that was discarded during a chase sequence

Compact Flash Card – 4 GBs stores 4-6 hours of good quality, usable video

Advanced MPEG-4 Compression – 352x240 resolution, providing a balance between good quality video vs. file storage requirements

File Transfer - wireless download of data via 802.11 (a, b/g), removable compact flash media or wired ethernet connection

User Identification – simple USB key log-in feature

Digital Video Authentication – MD-4 algorithm to verify data integrity

External Triggers – turns on with lights, sirens, configurable speed trigger or VLP wireless microphone

Vehicle Battery Friendly – requires only 1.5 amps; equipped with intelligent auto-off feature

Radar Interface (optional) – captures target speed, target lock and patrol vehicle’s speed

Collision Sensor Module (optional) – activates RECORD mode, capturing actual incident through pre-event record function and provides battery backup to DVR

System 7 PRO ™

Siren Control Box

In-Car VHS Video Recorder

NEW Built-in GPS Module – includes longitude/latitude and vehicle speed; sets system clock and synchronizes all agency vehicles to actual/real-time

NEW Patented VoiceLink Plus® (VLP) – 900MHz wireless microphone with digital spread spectrum technology

NEW Nite-Watch™ – high performance color camera with 144x zoom and enhanced near dark viewing capabilities

NEW Universal Monitor Console – 3.5-inch color monitor with built-in speaker and backlit system controls; configurable for standalone or overhead mounting

Tape Lock – recorded portion of tape in use is locked to prevent recording over

Tape Guard – prevents recording over previously recorded tapes

Covert Backseat Microphone – mounts anywhere within vehicle

Custom designed VCR – industrial grade with self-contained environmental control systems

Trunk Mounted Vault – made of 14-gauge steel, can be mounted horizontally or vertically

External Triggers – turns on with overhead lights, siren, configurable GPS speed, VLP wireless microphone or auxiliary inputs

Tape Indicators – date, time, car/officer identification, GPS data, video source, brakes, external triggers,
4-digit tape counter, time remaining on tape, voltage, vault temperature and radar data (optional)

Uses Standard VHS Tapes

Radar Interface* – captures target speed, target lock and patrol vehicle’s speed
* requires purchase of additional interface unit

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