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Sho Me - Random Flash Headlight Flasher

Random Flash Headlight Flasher

Can be used on headlights or backup lights.

03.W3126 Random Flash Headlight Flasher
Suggested Retail Price: $70.30

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Sho Me - Dash Pro LED Light

Dash Pro LED Light

11.8700 Dash Pro LED Light
Includes a windshield bracket, bail-mount bracket, Velcro disks for surface mounting, flashback shield and a fused cigarette lighter plug with 10’ straight cord.

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Sho Me - By the Inch LED Lights

By the Inch LED Lights

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CODE 3 - LP 6000 Light Bar

Midland Base Station

Sleek and stable, the aerodynamic LP6000TM lightbar from Code 3 delivers the light you need, meeting or exceeding industry warning standards.

Applications: - Police, Fire, Ambulance, Tow

  • StingRay® rotators
  • Unique D-Tech® rotators
  • Alley lights (single or dual)
  • Stationary flashing lights
  • Takedown lights
  • High speed rotators
  • OsciLaser™ option
  • Opticom™
  • Center stainless steel speaker cover or all-light models
  • Standard and Build-Your-Own bar options
  • Red, blue, clear and amber polycarbonate lens & filter options
  • Halogen rotators
  • Mounting kit & adapter included on standard bars
  • Incandescent or halogen stationary lights
  • 15 feet of cable standard
  • 38", 43", 47", 55" length versions
  • 4.875" high x 11.25" wide
  • "Opticom" is a registered trademark of 3M Corp.

CODE 3 - MX 7000 Light Bar

Midland Base Station

The innovative patented dual-deck shape of the MX7000® gives you everything you want in a lightbar.

Applications: - Police, Fire, Ambulance, Tow

  • Optional speaker section
  • Random cycle flash strobe or quad flash patterns available
  • Corner strobe modules
  • StingRay® rotator option
  • The 3-in-1 intelligent multi-function light works as an alley, intersection or stationary light
  • D-Tech™ rotator modules available
  • LED-X™ modules for lower deck in single or stacked version
  • 120° sweeping intersection lights
  • Center mountable NightProbe®
  • Lower level flashers
  • Field accessible and replaceable strobe components
  • 50 & 55 watt standard & fast rotators
  • 28 & 50 watt stationary lights
  • OsciLaser™
  • Built-in ArrowStik® available in 6 different lengths, incandescent or LED X™
  • Opticom™ or Priority Green™ emitter option
  • Includes Lit3Kit mounting kit